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SetSail Program

  • For Students (Ages 9+)We provide classes to international students coming to the US. We teach in online, interactive, small-group formats and cover topics like English Language Arts, Debate, and Interview Preparation. Many students take our classes year after year. Our teachers are current students or recent graduates from top US colleges.
  • For Job SeekersWe counsel university students, recent graduates, and other prospective workforce employees on how to best prepare for, and distinguish themselves when seeking, future employment. Such services include resume construction and editing and mock interviews.
  • For Education PartnersWe work with schools and educational organizations to serve their students. We provide services from mock interviews to new student orientation. We customize our offerings to fit our partners' needs.

Our Program

We teach students the fundamental critical thinking, communication, and culture skills needed to succeed in the US
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  • English Language Arts
  • Critical Thinking
  • Debate
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation
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  • Debate Competitions
  • Public Speaking Competitions
  • Interview Preparation
  • Essay Writing
  • Publications
  • Resumer Editing
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Custom Offerings

  • Educational Travel
  • Orientation Training
  • Mock Interviews
Lucy Zhang
- Harvard College (BA, Economics); The Wharton School (MBA)
Stephany Zoo
- Princeton University (BA, Science & Economics)
Rachel Shriver
- The Pennsylvania State University(BS, Secondary Education (English))
Kassandra Fuiten
- Columbia University (BA, Psychology and Minor in Elementary Education)
Benito Rodriguez
- Harvard College (BA, Cultural Anthropology)
Amanda Maille
- Harvard Collage(MA — B.A. in Chemistry)
Wesley Tiso
- -Columbia University (MFA, Fine Arts in Acting)
Celia Heath
- Brown University(B.A. in Literary Arts)

Words from Partners and Students